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Welcome to Benton Pressure Washing Company! We take pride in offering both residential and commercial comprehensive pressure washing services. We leave your home with a stellar result with our specialized services including:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Soft Washing
  • Fleet Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Wood Cleaning
  • Commercial Pressure Washing

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    Benton Pressure Washing

    Each member of our team has an eye even for the last detail. At Benton Pressure Washing Company, we take pride in the quality of our work as we treat your property like our own. We are a trusted local business offering pressure washing services to the communities of Bryant, Arkansas, Haskell, Arkansas, Alexander, Arkansas, Shaw, Arkansas, and Avilla, Arkansas for 15 years.

    Over time, your property is vulnerable to extreme and changing weather conditions such as rain, heat, and more. Your property will soon start to develop filth, mildew, and algae all through your exterior surfaces. These can cause discoloration and stain on the exterior of your residential or commercial space.

    Keeping the exterior of your property clean always is crucial in maintaining your solid reputation and image. Our team provides superior exterior cleaning that thoroughly cleans your concrete, driveways, patios, garage, wood floorings, and more. We only invest in high-end equipment and cleaning detergents to guarantee that you’ll only get the quality results you deserve!

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    Benton Pressure Washing Detailed Services

    Our Services

    Pressure protects your home against the build-up of grimes and debris that can lead to problems later on. Give your property a fresh pressure washing and elevate its new appeal across Arkansas City. We are a team of industry experts that are highly proficient in protecting your property about the possible damage being done to your property.

    Soft washing might seem so easy to do given tons of DIY tutorials in the search engine result. However, if you are not adept at using the equipment and right cleaning detergents; you might end up damaging your surface. Our extensive years in the business make us the #1 rated in providing gentle yet effective soft washing services.

    Just like your home property, your fleets are also your deluxe investment. They also serve as your roving advertisement in the busy streets of Arkansas City. And for that, they also deserve sparkling clean to give the best impression to anyone.

    Your home is your sanctuary; it also serves as the first layer of defense against various pollutants such as allergens, dirt throughout the year. Your home is a valuable investment and maintaining it should always be on the list. Have your home professionally pressure washed by Benton Pressure Washing regularly to prevent contaminants from damaging your home.

    Your concrete floorings are exposed to an array of pollutants and these give an eyesore to anyone. Regardless of how much you try to wipe it on your own using different soaps, you can’t achieve the result you desire. And for this situation, you need expert solutions coming from the pro at Benton Pressure Washing.

    The windows of your property are prone to fingerprints, smudges, etc. if left unattended. Dirty windows could also impact your mood by obstructing beautiful views and natural light to get in. Our team knows how to properly clean every window in your home even on those parts that are hard to reach.

    Different types of wood require various techniques when cleaning. Allow us to clean the woodworks on your property without causing any scratches or streaks.

    Commercial establishments throughout Arkansas City are prone to road grime, dust, and other pollutants. If neglected, this could pile up and will be hard to remove over time. 

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Benton Pressure Washing aims to help our clients in every way possible. And we begin by sharing our industry knowledge in giving answers to some of their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    For the majority of exterior surfaces, an annual power washing will do. However, it will depend on the materials to be used in building the surface as well as the present condition of the surface. If that’s the case, you may need to increase the frequency schedule of power washing.

    While the internet provides a handful of nifty do-it-yourself projects; mostly power washing is viewed as a simple DIY task. However, there is a big difference between a DIY project and professional services. Though it may look simple and easy, there are risks associated with DIY pressure washing.

    It’s better to leave the job to the hands of the pro to achieve optimal results.

    Not with the professional technicians at Benton Pressure Washing. Our team deeply knows how to properly use high-pressure washing equipment that can create an extremely high-pressure result. By thoroughly examining the type of surface, materials, and condition, we can properly set and adjust the right amount of water pressure to be used to avoid taking damage.

    Pressure washing requires years of experience and skills to be able to perform it properly. The cleaning materials, pressure, type of pressure washer, and surface are vital in determining how to clean your surface properly. With 15 years of experience, Benton Pressure Washing understands what it takes to thoroughly clean even the most difficult surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. 

    From concrete, decks, paver stones, vinyl siding, we have the right choice of cleaning products, top-of-the-line equipment, and insurance to guarantee you a clean property at all times.

    There is no difference between power and pressure washing. Either phrase can be replaced for our service. Don’t get confused with the words “power” or “pressure”. Our specialists are highly trained in using the right kind of proper pressure to impeccably clean each surface.

    The potential damage to plants from pressure washing with bleach depends on the amount of bleach is diluted. Benton Pressure Washing always uses biodegradable and eco-friendly solutions with proper bleach proportions. We ensure your plants are safe every time we clean your property.

    If you don’t have the skills and right equipment, pressure washing can damage the wood. We at Benton Pressure Washing use a soft washing technique to clean delicate parts of your home such as wood surfaces like your deck and fence.

    It’s highly recommended to regularly pressure wash your exterior surfaces. However, depending on the kind of surface you have, the frequency of washing also varies. For instance, people may need to have the exterior of their property cleaned every other month, Benton Pressure Washing recommends having your home soft washed annually.

    Soft washing is a cleaning technique that utilizes a low-pressure washing technique, combined with the right mixture of bleach, surfactants, and water. It aims to effectively clean delicate exterior surfaces of mildew, organic stains, and algae.

    Benton Pressure Washing removes all large debris and dirt by hand so as not to disturb the compactness of a shingle. After that, we carefully apply eco-friendly solutions that exterminate the rest of the growth of moss or other organisms before washing the area.

    Customer Reviews

    Our clients and partners across Arkansas City love us. Here’s what they say about Benton Pressure Washing.

    “The team at Benton Pressure Washing cleaned my front drive, garage, and sidewalks around my property. They arrive on time, and our communication is seamless. My wife and I would recommend this company to anyone who’s looking for fast and convenient power washing services.”
    “They cleaned every square inch of my condo unit. My wood flooring and windows are well-polished and shiny again like the first time they were installed.”
    “They are truly experts and professionals, I highly recommend Benton Pressure Washing! We will be having them out as our angular pressure washing company to clean our restaurant.”

    Why Choose Us

    We invest in the most bio-friendly products available that are safe for anyone on your property. We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded pressure washing company in Arkansas City; you can rest assured in knowing that your property is in safe hands.

    Benton Pressure Washing Services Benton Soft Washing Best Pressure Washing Company Concrete Washing Benton Arkansas House Washing Benton Arkansas
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