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Does your home’s exterior look gloomy rather than inspiring? Let the professionals from Benton Pressure Washing help. We can bring back that bright new look and vibrant colors of your home. Our house washing is the safest and most effective way to wash your home. 

We specialize in pressure washing services and serve all properties throughout Benton, Arkansas, Bryant, Arkansas, Haskel, Arkansas, Alexander, Arkansas, Shaw, Arkansas, Avilla, Arkansas, and the nearby areas. Our house washing services serve as an investment to your home to help restore and bring back value.

At Benton Pressure Washing, we know a clean home is a happy home. Whether you have vinyl, stucco, or painted wood siding, our house washing service can safely and effectively improve the appearance of the exterior of your property.

Aside from improving curb appeal, regular house washing keeps your siding in beautiful condition. When your sidings are filled with dirt, mold, and grime can cause irreversible staining. We use home-safe cleaning products to effectively remove the build-up from the exterior of your home.

House Washing Professionals

Whether you live in a vintage or modern house in Benton, Arkansas, keeping a clean home is a time-consuming process. Algae, moss, and other organisms can accumulate on your siding, giving it a dirty and gloomy appearance. However, our professionals can make your home look new again through our comprehensive and proven house washing services.

Sometimes, homeowners hire unqualified contractors that end up doing more damage than good. Inadequate equipment and unsatisfactory training leave your home looking just as gloomy and dirty as before. 

Choosing the wrong type of detergents can easily result in continual bacterial growth for years. The entire situation becomes a frustrating process and a waste of your time and money.

At Benton Pressure Washing, we’re different when it comes to house washing. Our top priority is your satisfaction, no matter the size or scope of the job. What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to excellence.

Soft Washing Your Home

Soft washing is a less damaging house washing treatment that has been proven to kill bacteria growth while preventing damage to your home’s exterior. We use a combination of cleaning solutions specific to the type of surface being treated. 

Then, we will rinse off the siding with clean, low-pressure water to ensure that any lingering cleansing products are removed. The results will amaze you and leave your home looking new!

The protection of your family and property is important to us. That’s why we only use green and eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe and contain no harmful chemicals. Our house washing team takes extra care to respect your home as if it was our own.

Key Benefits of House Washing

Our house washing is an effective method to clean your property. Below are some of the benefits of house washing.

Keeps Your Home in Excellent Condition

It’s common for homes to develop algae, moss, mold, and mildew along the exterior. These growths don’t only ruin the appearance of your home’s exterior, but can also cause substantial damage as well.

Moss and algae can grow into the home’s surface and chip away at the home’s exterior. Our house washing will easily remove any mold that’s on your home’s surface. The removal of any exterior growth is an effective preventive maintenance task. 

Improves the Family’s Health

When the exterior of your home is regularly cleaned, it can help to remove hazards from around the home. Mold and mildew may adversely impact a person’s health. Getting rid of these items from around the home may reduce the threat to a person’s health.

If someone in your household is suffering from allergies, it’s important to consider having your home’s exterior washed. You may blame the pollen coming from the flowers and plants near you, but it’s also possible that there are areas of mold and mildew clinging to your home.

Our professionals from Benton Pressure Washing can clean the exterior of your home. We guarantee to remove any potential allergens that can harm your family’s health.

Enhances the Curb Appeal of Your Property

If you have plans in selling your home, removing the layer of dirt and grime will be a big help in the process. Curb appeal plays an important role for potential buyers. When your home has a clean exterior, it will impress buyers and will likely sell more quickly.

Vital for Exterior Painting and Staining Projects

Before any paint or stain is applied to a surface, it’s vital to prep the surface by cleaning it. House washing is the most effective way to accomplish this.

If you fail to wash the sidings of your home, painting or staining may ruin the project completely. It can also significantly decrease how long the improvement would have lasted if the prep work was done correctly. 


Heavy-duty exterior cleaning involves the use of hazardous chemical cleaners. While these cleaning solutions are effective, the chemicals are harmful to the environment.

Our house washing does not introduce harmful chemicals to the environment. We use biodegradable cleaning materials in our house washing.

House Washing Experts

Benton Pressure Washing specializes in making old homes look new again. From dirt and grime to algae and moss, homes can get dirty really fast. Our soft washing not only restores the original look of your home, but also kills any unwanted mildew, algae, and moss growing on your home.

Soft washing uses biodegradable cleaning solutions. Our solutions are mixed on-site to the specific needs of the surface to be cleaned. Our professionals take great care of all plants and landscaping by thoroughly wetting them down and or covering them with plastic when necessary.

Benton Pressure Washing

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